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Argent Tip: Using the Due Date Functionality on Work Orders in QuickBooks POS

Do you need to track when an order should be completed for a customer?  You can use the Due Date functionality of Work Orders in QuickBooks POS to do that!

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Argent Tip: Useful Information About Customers on the Make a Sale Screen

There is a lot of information available to you on the Make a Sale screen when you add a customer to the ticket.

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Argent Tip: Using DropBox to Safegurad Your QuickBooks POS Backup Files

Have you heard of DropBox?  Its an in the cloud file storage company.  We think its a great way to safeguard your QuickBooks POS backup files.  Sign up for a free account (up to 2GB of storage!) and then watch our QuickTip video below to see how to use DropBox to safeguard your backup files.

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